Welcome to Moorings Workshop

Hello All,

Further to the idea of starting a website for the attendees of the recent Moorings Workshop, I have decided to give it a bash.  I have absolutely no experience of running a blog although have commented on a fair few in my time.

Any suggestions on style and direction are welcome and anyone who wishes to add their experience to running or administration of this blog is welcome to get in touch with me via my email in the NERC Moorings Workshop email lists.

Best Regards


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4 Responses to Welcome to Moorings Workshop

  1. John Dunn says:

    Glad to see you had a go, and it will be interesting to see what happens and who replys . I have some content we could add!

  2. Good news John, email it to me if you like and I’ll put it on when I have a quiet moment.


  3. Peter Keen says:

    Hi Matt, What a great step forward. As you’ll have picked up from our discussions on Friday, OFEG seem happy to host our pages but the identity had been lost within their own design so to have one generated within the group is exactly the sort of thing we should be doing. I actually gathered some data from people at the meeting before last which tried to capture the sorts of things people wanted out of a website and would be very happy to pass it on to you if you think it would help your designing.

  4. Many thanks for you positive comments Peter. Having the idea of a website raised again after it was first broached two years ago made me decide that I might as well have a stab at it. If anyone who is reading this has ideas that they would like put into action, then please email me or comment on here. I am actually on holiday at the moment so the work thus far has been undertaken in my spare time. It has been suggested that a core of (say) 4 moderators might be handy in the long term, and I am able to give login details to those who would choose to undertake some of this work.


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